expandable 1/2 in flexible configurable hose assembly

Portable modular data center

expandable and retractable side walls; expandable 2. The portable data center of claim 1, 4 configurable alarm levels High efficiency

Slot design for flexible and expandable system architecture

Slot design for flexible and expandable system architectureAn apparatus includesThe first conductive traces are selectively configurable according to a

Expandable cargo and camping trailer

configurable to close said bunk opening when said 2. The trailer of claim 1, wherein said the invention comprises an expandable cargo and

A Design of Configurable and Expandable USB3. 0 Verification

A Design of Configurable and Expandable USB3. 0 Verification Intellectual Property Protocol Stack Because USB3. 0 can satisfy the demand of high-speed

TUTCA configurable logic cell array architecture

configurable logic cell array is designed to This array is expandable to construct larger US Canada: +1 800 678 4333 Worldwide: +

Collapsible expandable plant support

In accordance with one embodiment a collapsible, expandable, configurable plant apparatus comprises a plurality of panels having a planar configuration with a


configurable between a first geometry and a secondone of the interlocking sections includes a ramp 2 is a perspective view of the expandable

Wireless industrial control user interface with configurable

wherein one of the plurality of software user interface with configurable software capabilitiesThe ports 125 may be expandable. A power supply

Expandable net

The present invention relates to an expandable net device. An embodiment includes an expandable structure that is configurable in an expanded configuration an

Table furniture configurable into three separate arrangements

D525806 Expandable table 2006-08-01 Lai D447891 Nesting table assembly 1. A configurable table arrangement comprising: a first table portion

Serial interface motor controller having user configurable

one another, and each coupled to the control configurable data transfer rates over two different the motor drive 100 may include expandable

Flow computer: configurable expandable.

Programmable configurable digital crossbar switch

Programmable configurable digital crossbar switchflexible interconnection of up to 8 data ports. The device is fully expandable to wider busses,

Modular monitoring and protection system accommodating

creating a flexible and expandable system that one another in accordance with an open industrial to pre-set or operator-configurable limits or

Flexible electronic devices

flexible display, a flexible housing and one or The flexible housing may include a configurable expandable housing with multiple stable positions in


2013219-The invention relates generally to a user-configurable calculator. Embodiments of the invention provide, among other things, a flexible grap

Expandable carrier for an animal

1. An expandable animal carrier comprising: an configurable to define a collapsed configuration and the sliding wall may be a unitary flexible


A configurable television broadcast receiving system includes an analog to digital converter that receives a broadcast television (TV) signal and converts it

Configurable and Expandable FFT Processor for Wideband

Chen, Configurable and expandable FFT processor for wideband communication, FFT Processor for Wideband Communication [ C ]//IMTC, 2007,5 (2) : 1

Configurable shelving/storage system

Configurable shelving/storage system United States two sets of opposing base bracket slots—one set- Previous Patent (Expandable cooking r) |

System and methods for actuating reversibly expandable

expandable structure through an anchored connection. 2. The rotary actuator of claim 1, wherein configurable between extended and contracted lengths

Camera configurable for autonomous self-learning operation

2. The method of claim 1, wherein configuringconfigurable learning mode for sensing at least Expandable menu selections 34 are provided to

memory packet switch with a configurable multicast mechanism

two crosspoints; a memory operatively coupled to each one of the at leastexpandable self-route multi-memory packet switch provided with a configurable


configurable outputs; a J1939 bus, the J1939 bus 2. The system of claim 1, wherein each saidexpandable outputs for controlling the supply of

Integrated security suite architecture and system software/

2. The method of claim 1 further comprising IDC 164 systems are configurable using any flexible input and output configurations, two

switching system with readily configurable supervisory

2003319-system with readily configurable supervisory control 1. a network address for that node, 2. Pat. No. 5,544,163, Expandable Telecommu

Access device with expandable containment member

2. The access device as recited in claim 1,assembly being operable to expand the expandable to an access device configurable between a first

Low Power Configurable ASIC Based Elliptic Curve

Power Configurable ASIC Based Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Over GF(2~the scalar multiplication architecture is proved flexible and expandable,one

Variably configurable wellbore junction assembly

A method of installing a wellbore junction assembly in a well can include connecting at least two tubular strings to one opposite end of a tubular


flexible material, one or more individual units wherein the expandable strap is configurable to depending on the distance between the two units