32 mm id chemical abrasive resistant blue 1000 feet spray hose

Sintered sol gel alumina abrasive filaments

A filament shaped sintered alumina based abrasive made up predominantly of fine alpha alumina crystals. abrasive made up predominantly of fine alpha con

Monolithic abrasive snow retention system

feet of the base layer, applying the granular surface with increased abrasion and chemical landscaping and plat damage 32, roof damage 34

Foot control for an abrasive blast system

An abrasive blasting system which utilizes a central control panel together with controls operable by the operators feet. Dual control, at the system

Apparatus and method for water well cleaning

20121213- an O-ring 32, threads 34, and distal nozzle no abrasive is introduced that would facilitate 1000 feet to 3000 feet, the inside diamet

Method and apparatus for dispensing a fluidic media onto a

feet lower than the first position, the 32, the load attachment points 60 being spaced are similarly available from Empire Abrasive

Abrasive agglomerate polishing method

Provided is a method of polishing comprising providing a workpiece, providing a fixed abrasive article, providing conditioning particles, and relatively movin

Structured abrasive article and method of using the same

A structured abrasive article includes a backing having a structured abrasive layer disposed on and secured thereto. The structured abrasive layer includes

Removable bond for abrasive tool

A bond for a metal single layer abrasive tool can be easily chemically and electrochemically stripped from the metal core of a recovered used tool to

Non-slip, non-abrasive coated surface

2005419-A substantially non-slip, non-abrasive surface which includes a layer of a coating vehicle comprising a polysulfide mixed with a plurality o

Semi-liquid cementitious spray nozzle apparatus

spray of a semi-liquid abrasive material, a hose coupler interconnected to said inlet end/2 thick with a diameter of about one foot

End deflector for abrasive water jet slot cutter

An end deflector for an abrasive water jet slot cutter is provided. The end deflector includes two wear resistant plates which direct portions of the

High density sol-gel alumina-based abrasive vitreous bonded

A vitreous bonded abrasive article such as a grinding wheel is provided comprising high density sol-gel alumina-based abrasive grains comprised of alpha

Method for the descaling of metal

cracking the layer of scale by spraying media strip speeds of about 400 to 1000 feet per with abrasive media having sharp edges causes


6551366 Spray drying methods of making agglomerateabrasive particles to a backing material (e.g., at about 30 feet/minute (9 meters/minute (m

Flexible abrasive product and method of making and using the

The present invention provides a flexible abrasive product comprised of an open cell foam backing, a foraminous barrier coating and a shaped foraminous


abrasive article to abrade the metal workpiece; (50 to 300 surface feet per minute (sfpm)), (1.32 mm) above the primed backing for a


An abrasive article includes a backing having first and second major surfaces, an abrasive layer overlying the first major surface, and a polymeric layer

Bonded abrasive tools with combination of finely

Bonded abrasive grinding tools with more cost effective grinding performance than those known in the prior art for grinding certain types of hard metals may

Durable nonwoven abrasive product

The present invention provides an improved nonwoven abrasive product. The improved abrasive product has a porous, lofty web of multiple layers of coiled,

Apparatus for abrasive blasting of ship bottoms; method and

Apparatus for abrasive blasting of the bottom of a ship in a drydock includes a blast head mounted on a vertically swinging boom on a vehicle. The

Friction stir welding using a superabrasive tool

superabrasive material, the pin and shoulder being32 and integral pin 34, thereby causing the tool is between 7 and 400 surface feet per

Apparatus and method for high pressure abrasive fluid injection

2012320-abrasive pump comprises abrasive-resistant materials;32, a fourth high pressure valve 33, and a The effluent hose is about 3 feet (1 m

Control system for liquid propelled abrasive cleaning

A liquid-propelled abrasive cleaning apparatus comprising a nozzle for The hose 22 can be relatively long, for example 250 feet, to enable the

Coated abrasive material containing abrasive filaments

Coated abrasive products having abrasive filaments of polycrystalline alumina. abrasive particles are abrasive filaments having a 32. Coated abrasive p

Discontinuous Abrasive Surfaces Having Controlled Wear

Discontinuous abrasive surfaces are disclosed that may be employed in wet and/or dry applications. The discontinuous abrasive surfaces of the present inventio

Method of manufacturing abrasive articles

Nail files and other abrasive articles have a structural base, such as a steel strip, coated with a slurry of a resin, such as an epoxide, and

Nonwoven abrasive material roll

A longitudinally extending web of lofty nonwoven abrasive surface treatment material is provided in a coreless roll form to the end user. Successive wraps

Conestoga combat hose reel and rapid inland petroleum and

2008220-outer rim provided with an anti-abrasive coating;hose exceeds seven hundred (700) feet in 32 and 34, which are in the preferred

System, apparatus and method for abrasive jet fluid cutting

A system, apparatus and method for abrasive jet fluid cutting is provided wherein an abrasive jet fluid cutting assembly comprises a hose for receiving a