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A material transporting hose of integral construction having a body of flexible, resilient material which includes a pair of longitudinally reinforced portion

SME Couplings - Industrial Firefighting Hygienic

SME is the China supplier for hose couplings used in fields of industrial, firefighting, hygienic and light industries like concrete transfer, irrigation,

Floatable hose

hose bore const-ruction and is usually applied in the form of two or curing on a steam vulcanizer and inserting a coupling spigot 2 at each end

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useful Improvements in Hose-Couplings, of which the following is a connecting the end of hose used on railroad trains, such as steam hose

Hose-coupling inserting machine

20121219-This invention relates to machines for inserting couplings or fittings in hose ends. Machines for instrting couplings in hose usually includ


2011719-My invention relates to elastic and flexible high-pressure hoses provided with a coupling nipple, and more particularly to such hoses made f

Steam stop for steam cleaner

2005619-A steam stop safety mechanism for a portable steam cleaner prevents discharge of steam at the cleaner nozzle when attaching and disconnectin

Gravity hose-coupling

GRAV-ITY HOSE COUPLING. APPLICATION FILED JUNE 24. 1903. 1,%45,3 Patentedin ahnost universal use forconnecting the steam heating hose of railway

Fbank a

The opposed ends of the air or steam pipes on two cars are usually In operation the hosesections J and L, with their respective couplings, are

Improvement in pipe-couplings

Pip Couplings. Patented August 15, 1871. PATENT QFFIGE. JOSEPH F. ANDREWSsteam, or gas; and it consists in a tongue and groove in the ends


20101219-A hose splice for joining adjacent lengths or segments of reinforced hose having a tube, at least one hose reinforcing layer and a cover. Th

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galvanized steel steam hose coupling with barb fittings US $1.00-20.00 /Piece 8 CN CONTACT SUPPLIER SANMU in aliba

Hydraulic hose coupling

2013923-This invention relates to improvements in hydraulic hose couplings. In many places, but more especially in connection with tractors and impl

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Improvement in couplings for hydrant-suctions

steam fire-engines with the hydrants; and it consists in the employment ofConsiderable trouble isgiven in using the carbolized hose by their frequent


have matie certain new and useful Improvements in Hose-Couplings, of whichlVith such e construetion7 the steam or other Huid use in the system

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Hard suction hose predates steam or gas powered fire engines and has been couplings; and the 9 centimetres (3.5 in) hose comes in two types,


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Hose coupling

A hose coupling with an annular frame member fastened to a hose end for locking to a second hose end with a crosspiece fixed transversely in the

Coupling foe pipes and hose

COUPLING FOR PIPES AND HOSE. Specification of LettersSimilar letters in the dilierent figures refer Co., Ltd. Exchangeable unit steam trap US45645

Improvement in couplings for air and steam brakes

Similar letters ot reference in the accompanying drawings denote the same parts. The couplings ot the hose of air and steam brakes, as ordinarily

Hose dismantling and assembling machine

In the main, this object is attained by having all the gripping, , while dismantling tool 172 is used for pulling steam hose couplings