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corrugated form; bonding it to another sheet material kept in a plain form Comparative Example 1 activated carbons no 517 ppm Comparative Example 2

of paperboards on out-of-plane stiffness of corrugated

The Computational Mechanics Conference 2014(27), 516-517, 2014-11-22 [ Corrugated paperboards Stiffness Elastic anisotropy Delamination Finite element

Electing Material and Heat Treatment of Corrugated Roll

Effect of elastic anisotropy and pre-delamination of paperboards on out-of-plane stiffness of corrugated paperboardsThe higher-order stress work-conjugate to

Numerical Optimization of THz Source Based on Interaction

512-517. Publication Date: 00/2015 Origin: DOI: 10.1016/j.phpro.2015.09.035 corrugated channel in dielectric media is considered

Switch comprising an operating rocker button

Rubber contact switch 1995-04-04 Ogawa 200/517metallic lever and/or spring elements, which corrugated structure or in indentations in the

Stirling engine assembly

2004420- and a corrugated seal between the Stirling engine and the burner to The bellows 20 consists of a flexible stainless steel (AISI 32 or A

A high directivity broadband corrugated horn for W-band gyro-

A high directivity broadband corrugated horn for W-band gyro-devices9, pp. 508-517, Sep. 1967.P. McElhinney, C.R. Donaldson, L

antenna with a partially corrugated ground plane

characteristics of a conical monopole antenna with a partially corrugated Conf. ,  pp.517 -520 2009C. B. Mulenga and J. A. Flint,

Heater head for stirling engine

Field of Search: 60/517, 60/520, 60/526, 165/183 View Patent Images:channels are formed by affixing corrugated material on the interior surface

Modes on the Radiation Performance of a Corrugated Horn

201021-corrugated horns,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas Theory and Techniques 15(9), 508–517 (1967). R. J. Wylde and D. H. Martin, “Gaussi

Numerical Analysis on Convection Heat Transfer of Pulsating

doi:10.4028/em>517.941Yu,Jiu Yangcorrugated tube [J], Journal of Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology,

Method for treating substrates with halosilanes

D06M13/517; D06M15/643; D06M15/657; D21Hcorrugated cardboard), or textiles; insulation; bases such as hydroxides of alkali metals or

Desiccant air conditioner with thermal storage

impregnated on a wheel of corrugated metal or Flexible films such as Tedlar would normally be 517 75.0 31.8  9 After heat exchanger

Giant oscillations of sound attenuation decrement in organic

07/1998; 24(7):514-517. DOI: 10.1063/corrugated plane affects considerably the behavior J. Singleton, N. Harrison, M. M. Honold,

Methods and arrangement for implementing highly efficient

corrugated outer surface and a first upstream corrugated outer surface disposedNo. 11/317,517 filed on even date herewith. “Methods and Arrangement

Corrugated waveguide based genomic biochip for marker-free

Corrugated waveguide based genomic biochip for marker-free THz read-outJ. Infrared Millim. Waves 27(4), 517-529 (2006).M. Nagel and H


A machine for erecting cut and scored carton blanks, such as flat cut and scored waxed corrugated board containers. The machine is a dual or double

Performance characteristics correlation for round tube and

Both flat and corrugated fins were tested and the results were correlated Int. J. Refrig. 21 (7): 507–517Madi M A,John R A,Heikal M R

Design, performance, and grounding aspects of the

(for aeq ) h, j ¼ [aeq1h2]/[aeq2h1] corrugated wall acts as a slow wave structure31 [Lamalleet al., Fusion Eng. Des.88, 517

Packaging for fragile items

within a container (e.g., a corrugated box).flexible than a pair of v-hinges 386, because side wall 516 and/or side wall 517), rather

Electrical connector for a corrugated coaxial cable

A connector for a coaxial cable of a type having a corrugated outer cable conductor and an inner cable conductor includes a housing having a bore formed

SAE J517 – 100R14 PTFE HOSE Corrugated bore | Ma Mary |

2016627-PTFE HOSE Corrugated bore Tube: Teflon 62 corrugated Reinforcement: One high tensile stainless steel braid. Application: Suitable for minera

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in which the mechanical properties of corrugated collagen fibrils are The model. J Biomech. 1986; 7 :517–521.Manschot JFM, Brakkee AJM (

Method for forming a container

2012420-(e.g., corrugated body matt and linerboard mandrel 510 can be formed of sturdy metal, 225A) is adjacent to side 517 of mandrel 510

Bottle sleeves

2011920-(v) a rib stiffener 517 substantially perpendicular to rib edge 516, (4) in a shipping container without the need for corrugated insert s

Solar engine

0538068 N/A 1895-04-23 Denney 60/517corrugated on each face to fit snugly against are of corrugated metal for ease of construction

Apparatus for forming a corrugated substrate

An apparatus for forming a corrugated substrate comprises a first assembly for advancing liner sheets including a corrugated medium and facing sheets and a

Heater head and regenerator assemblies for thermal

metal having a smooth outer surface configured tocorrugated piece of thermally conductive sheet Flex epoxy adhesive to a recessed portion along