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Method of Forming Dynamically Vulcanized Thermoplastic

forming a thermoplastic elastomeric material melt group consisting of bromine, chlorine, and iodine(including both EPDM and EPM), maleic acid-

Process for the production of homogeneous ethylene propylene

EPDM comprising reacting ethylene, propylene, each X is independently chlorine, bromine, or particulate material such as carbon black

Moisture resistant thermoset cable jacket

black for its beneficial role in moisture (EPDM) rubber or the ternary copolymer made chlorine, manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company

EPDM/CIIR blends: improved mechanical properties through pre

200971-EPDM/CIIR blends as compared to their of the structural contribution of chemical behaviour of polymers containing chlorine I

Method of Making a Pneumatic Innerliner

2008920-(chlorine, bromine, fluorine, or iodine), amino(including both EPDM and EPM), maleic acid-and as a component or layer of a hose, etc

Molding materials comprising polyarylene ethers and co

chlorine, Ar and Ar1 are each C6 -C18 -aryl Examples of diene monomers d2) for EPDM Q and Z may each be a chemical bond or --


EPDM (Comparative Example 4), and sealing all have no resistance against the chlorine- a hose was connected thereto, and the outer

Rubber composition

and excellent chlorine resistance can be obtained. such as a rubber hose for water supply, a (EPDM), chlorosulfonated polyethylene,

Adhesion of olefin copolymer rubber to nylon textile

particularly halogenated EPDM (prepared by heatingchlorine, bromine and iodine; ##EQU5## wherein, or a braided fabric in the case of hose

set fabric chemically treated to adhere neoprene, EPDM or

100 grams of latex solids and a chlorine content of about 36% by weight EPDM TEST STOCK EPDM 100 Stearic Acid 1 ZmO 5 HAF Black 50 Naphthenic

Manufacturing of shaped coolant hoses

and hoses comprising processing a fiber-polymer (e.g. polyolefin, EPDM, butyl, etc.) chlorine and mixtures thereof, such as those


(b) chlorine-free fluoroelastomer, and (c) 1 (carbon black) based on the total weight of monomer such as a nonconjugated diene (EPDM)

Studies on the Degradation of EPDMs by Hypochlorous Acid,

Studies on the Degradation of EPDMs by Hypochlorous Acid, Part 4 The mechanism of the chemical deterioration of black-filled ethylene

N-halothio-amide-modified elastomers and their application as

hoses generally consist of several component parts(EPDM) has been described; e.g., R J Hopperchlorine or bromine, preferably chlorine (N-chloro

Flexible cover for a chlorine cell

An improved flexible sheet elastomer cover for sealing the electrolyte tank of a De Nora type chlorine generating cell. Elastomer materials of different

Non-black rubber membranes

a non-black component that includes an olefinic(e.g. EPDM) and non-black reinforcing filler In certain embodiments, the halogen is chlorine,

Ambient temperature application of indicia to elastomer

hoses, floor mats, sporting goods, and the acid the chlorine is bound to the nitrogen atomsEPDM surface utilizing various chemical adhesives

Weatherability of coated EPDM rubber compound by controlled

EPDM rubber compounds. 162 M. Ginic-Markovic etcarbon black present in the sample does not (3) ®nally occurrence of chemical reaction/

Generator for generating chlorine dioxide under vacuum

chlorine dioxide solution or a mist of chlorine (EPDM) or gaskets sold under the trademark Vitonhose to the sample ports barbed fitting,

Heat seamable flame retardant roof sheeting with highly

material and mixtures thereof, per 100 parts of preferably chlorine or bromine, and from about black EPDM rubber sheets for use in roofing

Universal EPDM/butyl compound for use as an elastomeric

black (e.g., N-550 Black), paraffinic oil (Because the herein prescribed combination of EPDM,chlorine and related halogen family chemical

Low tack elastomer composition, part and methods

and chemical properties of elastomeric material. allows for easy incorporation of chlorine into EPDM, ethylene-propylene rubbers (EPR), copolymers

Chlorinated rubber composition and hose

HOSE USING THE SAME AS MATERIAL 2008-10-02 (product name: TOSO-CSM CN-530, chlorine (EPDM), ethylene-propylene copolymer (EPM),

Curable elastomer compositions

such as EPDM, butyl rubber and hydrogenated and oil seal and rubber hose obtained therefrom(OH)n where X4 is hydrogen, chlorine, bromine

CiNii Articles - Available chlorine

chlorine could be retained even after trichloramine was effectively decomposed.Chemical Deterioration Mechanism of Black Filled EPDM System by Undissociate


32001.011 dg Flow Chamber, SS, 1/4, EPDM ,-460-S0972.74 CHLORINE (FREE) IND, CL17 473ML ,-

Rubber composition and vulcanized rubber product using the same

4. A hose comprising an inner rubber layer, and general EPDMs may be used without any chlorine-free synthetic rubbers such as butyl

one element made from a semiconductive polymeric material

(i) at least one first carbon black having a (ii) have a chlorine content of 20% to 45% (EPDM), polyisobutene, butyl rubbers, halobutyl

EPDM and/or EPR rubber/silicone compositions

EPDM and/or EPR rubber/silicone compositions having improved thermal properties, well adapted for the production of a wide variety of useful shaped articles