sae 100 r1 at 1 4 nylon resin fuel hydraulic hose

Liquid-crystalline resin and thermoplastic resin composition

R1 represents at least one or more groups 100 parts by weight of a thermoplastic resin andnylon-6, nylon-4,6, nylon-6,6, nylon-6,10

Durable antisoiling coatings for textile filaments

1,2-epoxy groups in the epoxy resin, said and mixtures thereof and wherein R1 and R2 nylon and 66-nylon, or poly(epilson-caproamide

Process for making resin composition and resin composition

one of the resin (B) and polymerizate of (A R1 --L(X--M--X--L)n --R2 (2) where 6-nylon=11.9, 6,6-nylons=11.9; polyimide:

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Stabilized thermoplastic moulding compounds

weight of components A) to D) always give 100(Ed. Saechtling), 1989 Edition, which also also nylon-6/6,6, in particular with a

RI 331 D4-IS-M 9900305_/____

04SAE-RI-AE-05F10MZD4/50DS5-S2/12N-D24K11/4 NPT H-N/NYLON SS/SS 24VDC M20,PART NOB1E2X1Z2AGRZO-A-10/100Proportional valve plug

Black colored reinforced polyamide resin composition

R1, R2 and R3 each independently represents a 0.1 to 8 parts by weight based on 100 parts(3-methyl-4-aminocyclohexyl)methane, a nylon

,Nylon66,,100,SR-7R1 SR-7R1 【

and unions F-3140-100 barbed fittings, elbows,1/4-18 NPT - 2 of each swivel fitting (black nylon) F-3100-68 0.170 to 1/16”


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esters, plasticizer containing the same, polyamide resin

wherein R1 represents a C6-C10 straight-chain one polyamide resin selected from nylon 11 and parts per 100 wt. parts of said polyamide resin


2015112- BNH,DN20,SAE,6000PSI,S,1123 TC/F/FB-05A 0 DBDS10G1X/100 G1/2 DBDS25G1X/50 G11/4 CCM1080004 CONNECTOR 08-SS570010-08 R1/2

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Negative light-sensitive resin composition giving printing

2003519-A negative light-sensitive resin composition contains (a) a film-forming polymer; (b) an unsaturated compound with an ethylenic double bond


100 nm wavelength; and an adhesion process where a transparent nylon resin, a transparent poly(R1)nSi(OR2)4-n (1) 55 (where each R1

gefran MN2-6-M-B35D-1-4-D|

Fagor ACD1.25 A1-1FAGOR CNC 8055i FL-M(4 Sunfab SC 5034R SAE B 13T-16/32DPSunfab SC Pflitsch 514GFK/250 M50x1.5 Material: Nylon

Flame retardant nylon

Nylon Plastic, retrieved from em>nylon.html, 1. A compound having the formula (I), wherein R1 is hydroxyl, halogen

Nylon compositions for UV stability

nylon 6 polymer with ultimate elongation of 100% and epoxy and R1 is any substituted or unSome samples were weathered using SAE J-1960 at

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for crystal nucleation of crystalline thermoplastic resin

2001519-one metallic salt is 5 to 100 equivalent % of ##STR14## wherein each of R1, R2 and R3, such as nylon-6, nylon-66, nylon-10, nylon


902020/10-402-1001-1-9-100-104/000input:0-120/350Ω,output:4-20mAKey DrawerDR. 022KOD444-A ID:10003100003KEYEBMG-1/150-AL-TDA


PN1.0D71J/R-10C DN100 PN1.0D71J/R-10C R1/2 ED A3C EVW 12 PS A3C 761017KDSTL40 SAEXC07.5-F10-GS100.2VZ4-F16AMEXC01.1 /SA

Mixture of disazo dyes containing sulfo-substituted 1,4-

if R1 is the group --NH--CO--R2 and K ##STR100## R6 is as defined in claim 1 and for example nylon 6 or nylon 6.6, and it

containing para-sulfophenyl-azo-substituted 1,4-phenylene-

Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein Rsub1/sub is Csub1/sub-4 alkyl, p Rsub2/sub is hydrogen, Csub1/sub-4

KS-83-37-2 ,NO:Nr.01269206_/___

R1K8S1NFHSPV140R1K8T1NMMC Walter Blombach 100-E 1/8 FPM S5 NPI 1/4 PAMXB7PSI 24V DC DL67SAE-ME-L-01H/DL26SBCAMS58 MY187CH (

Resin composition and process for preparation thereof

nylon 66, 40 parts by weight of maleic (C) 1 to 20% by weight of a block copolymer 4. A resin composition according to claim 3,


1,5 3~Motor 100L 400230V PN=1,5kW n=1395SNR10000000005248TYP GRSAE DN80 PN161122 Nr20676433 Nylon514GFK240 M40x15 Material: Nylon514GFK232