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Why are some neighborhoods active and others not?Charting a

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Modulation of chelating factors, trace minerals and their

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Field-programmable gate array-based intelligent dynamic

Field-programmable gate array-based intelligent dynamic sliding-mode control 1511-1532, 2010F.-J.Lin, Y.-C.Hung and S.-Y.Chen, Field-

Intracellular delivery of core–shell fluorescent silica

Biomaterials Volume 29, Issue 10, April 2008, Pages 1526–1532 IntracellularFuller J.E., Zugates G.T., Ferreira L.S., Ow H.S., Nguyen N.N

One-Pot Synthesis and PEGylation of Hyperbranched Polyacetals

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Genetic and environmental factors affecting the solids-not-

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Some of the articles based on gatekeeping are Global News, National M J, FranzblauThe New England journal of medicine

Characterizing the Variability of Enzymatic Browning in Fresh

Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7(5), 1526-1532.Quevedo R, Valencia E, López P, Gunckel E, Pedreschi F, Bastías J (2014b) Characterizing the

SAE J 1532-2005 (R2014) Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

Baukulit Produktions BVK-DR 25 x 37.5Burster 8713-25 Rexroth R900589988 4WE10J3X/CG24N9K4SIEMENS 6AV6640-C0A11-0AX1FRONIUS43.0004.1876SLF

Dietary sodium restriction and association with urinary

Gates PE; Chonchol M; Fleenor BS; Lakatta Wang J; Qi R; Matzuk AJ; Song X; Madoux ISSN: 1532-2777 País de publicação:

Reproducibility of native and contrast-enhanced CMR

doi:10.1186/1532-429X-18-S1-P92Enver TahirMartin SinnMaxim AvanesovJoshua WienDennis SaeringChristian StehningUlf RadunskiKai Muellerleile

of aerosol samples as revealed by atomic absorption and x-

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry J (continued) The Journal of Physical ChemistryTechnol., 1979, 13 (12), pp 1530–1532 DOI:

Phimostomus scripturariorum Kln 1532

Phimostomus scripturariorum Köln 1532 Johannes Dietenberger ; herausgegebenIserloh und Peter Fabisch in Verbindung mit Jacques Toussaert und Erich

Protective efficacy and safety of three antimalarial regimens

IPTi Consortium and the Gates Malaria Partnership.Gosling R, Gesase S, Mosha J, Carneiro I, Lancet 374(9700) : 1521–1532Gosling RD, Gesa

Comparisons of Thickened Beverages Using Line Spread

(cP) for a similar product/beverage statistically correlated with one anotherJ Am Diet Assoc 2008; 108: 1532A5.BUDKE J, GARCIA J M, CHAMBERS E

C08.618.846.093 [Categoria DeCS]

Autor: Gates KL; Howell HA; Nair A; Vohwinkel CU; Welch LC; Beitel Fonte: J Asthma; 50(10):1062-8, 2013 Dec. ISSN: 1532-4303 País

D10.251.355.096.100 [Categoria DeCS]

Autor: Ding X; Hu J; Li J; Zhang Y; Autor: Dharmasaroja PA; Sae-Lim S Endereço:food webs, which might be important for the

Hardin, Charles M., Food and Fiber in the Nations Politics,

Under conditions in which the rate of polymerization is slow, we have observed the slow elimination of HBr from the polymer endgroups in the ATRP of

Glucose metabolism and diet predict changes in adiposity and

Dietary GL was assessed on 67 women using food Chandler-Laney, P.C.; Alvarez, J.A.; BushObesity (Silver Spring) 2010, 18, 1532-1537

Supercritical CO2 extraction of carotene and lutein from leaf

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Mental innovation space of Vietnamese agro-food firms

Mental innovation space of Vietnamese agro-food firmsAbstract Purpose – Jotte De KoningMarcel CrulJo Van EngelenRenee WeverJohannes Brezet

Correcting for underlying absorption interferences in Fourier

J. Agric. Food Chem. 2008, 56, 1532-1537.van de Voort FR, Sedman J, Sherazi STH. 2008. Correcting for underlying absorption interferences in Fourier

Controlled-NOT gate with weakly coupled qubits: Dependence of

An approach to the construction of the CNOT quantum logic gate for a 4-Ghosh, J., Geller, M.R.: Phys. Rev. A 81 , 052340 (2010)

eastern woodrats, Neotoma floridana , in relation to food

eastern woodrat, Neotoma floridana, in relation to food perishability[J]. Animal Behaviour 36: 1525-1532Caching behavior by eastern woodrats, Neotoma