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Twenty-three soybean genotypes were screened in greenhouse studies for vegetative-phase variation in three potential drought resistance traits: Water use

Electrolytic deposition of gold-containing alloys

A gold-copper alloy of good corrosion resistance Green, Rebecca Victoria (Chapel Farm, St. Wilkinson, Peter (Mile House, Grove Road,


resistanceArbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi colonize in low-phosphorus soil, in greenhouse or microVictoria A. BorowiczEcological Society of America

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but an in-house deal always takes precedent).transformed marital arts,” by Vic Tafur, Sept. direct resistance is ineffective, but if you

Encoding a Novel CC-NBS-LRR Protein, Confers Resistance to

neck blast resistance reaction in tropical rice lines under greenhouse S., Tohme, J., Nelson, R., Levy, M., and Correa Victoria, F. J

quantitative trait loci associated with resistance to

Victoria Crescent agroecological zone, with a mean and A619Ht2) grown in the greenhouse at theresistance (rQTL) bin positions derived from CML

sativum L. subsp. sativum ) in Ethiopia for resistance

greenhouse conditions for up to three generations.resistance in advanced backcross lines derived from and Primary Industries (DEPI), Victoria

In vitro selection of sheath blight resistance germplams in

The resistance of R1 was enhanced than their greenhouse scale to search for germplasm lines Jia Y, Correa-Victoria F, McClung A, Zhu L,

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with breakthroughs such as antibiotics, and the Green Revolution, to name (resistance inducer) of rice phytoalexin Sumitomo Chemical developed and

Genetics of stripe rust resistance in ‘Karamu’ wheat (

A Department of Primary Industries (Primary Industries Research Victoria), resistance measured through infection type in both the greenhouse and the

Resistance of populations of the weed Digitaria ciliaris (

20041220-resistance of these biotypes; (b) evaluate the Ponta Grossa) in greenhouse conditions, through Ricardo Victoria Filho; Jeferson Zago

Distribution and Host Range of a Powdery Mildew Fungus

Results from the greenhouse study show that underbe due to breeding for powdery mildew resistance.Victoria CiolaDon CipolliniUniversity of Notre Dame

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greenhouse; infected plants were placed at -20resistance level, while Makalioka, FD0241-MCorrea-Victoria, L. R. Sanint A. Ramírez

egg count reduction test [for anthelmintic resistance in

diagnostico, livestock, chemical resistance, medicament, diagnostic, nematode Victoria College, Prahran (Australia). Dept. of Quantitative MethodsAustrali

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The Parliament of Rhodesia, which included the lower House of Assembly and later a Senate, was predominantly white, with minority of seats reserved for

variants in plants for broad-spectrum disease resistance

in plants for broad-spectrum disease resistancethis approach under greenhouse and field conditionsM.Sc thesis, University of Victoria, Victoria,

Biodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene (DBT) Using

Calzada, Sonia Heras, Almudena Alcon, Victoria E5 greenhouse gases exhausts, and capital inversionresistance.43 In the same work,43 it was

Factors Affecting Detection of Burrowing Owl Nests During

Victoria GarciaMatthew D. SmithKatie Hughes2004a . Host tree resistance against the different tree species under greenhouse conditions

Rapid Determination of Rice Cultivar Responses to the Sheath

resistance to the sheath blight pathogen under controlled greenhouse conditionsJia, Y.L,Correa-Victoria, F.,Zhu, L.,Liu, G.,Wamishe, Y.,Xie,

Impedance Characterization of an LCO-NMC/Graphite Cell: Ohmic

serial resistance, and various RQ networkshe parallel combination of aVictoria OvejasAngel Cuadras

Aster plant named ‘Victoria Ilona’

2002220-‘Victoria Ilona’, characterized by its upright in a glass-covered greenhouse and under Disease/pest resistance: Resistance to path

Weed resistance to herbicides

2001129- Weed resistance to herbicides Pedro J. ChristoffoletiI; Ricardo Victoria The occurence of trifluralin resistant Setaria viridis (green f

Development of Helminthosporium victoriae in blends of

Development of Helminthosporium victoriae in blends type isogenic lines, differing in resistance to HIn the greenhouse, the percentage of infected

Periodicals of Queen Victorias Empire: An Exploration

an internationally binding treaty on reducing greenhouse emissions, optimism What I find refreshing about these arguments is their resistance to any

from the Beacon heights Orthoquartzite, southern Victoria

Beacon heights Orthoquartzite, southern Victoria greenhouse climate, following Precambrian–Cambrian Compaction resistance of gymnosperm wood; Tabular